Our Supportive Services


Students will have the opportunity to meet with our Creative Counselor regularly to learn SEL through Character-Building and Arts programs. Students will be taught how to manage their emotions, critically think, problem solve, and work collaboratively with their peers. Research has proven that social and emotional learning is crucial for youth of all ages and yields positive results for all stakeholders. Today’s students face various obstacles beyond the classroom as they continue to develop the 5 Core SEL Competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Integrating SEL into classrooms as early as possible will give our educators effective ways to connect with students through meaningful conversations that can improve behavior, increase student success, and inspire learning that will last a lifetime.


Students will have the opportunity to meet with a pastoral counselor to develop skills to resolve emotional problems such as inappropriate affect, emotional dysregulation, anger, conflict resolution, anxiety, and depression. Special focus will be given to the need for individuals to have their basic needs met. The need to matter, to belong, be safe, feel worthy, be loved, and express ones-self openly.


Through a partnership with Hillsborough County Public Schools and Catapult Learning, a Guidance Counselor will assist students in areas of academic achievement, personal or social development, and career exploration so that each student can identify personal goals, strengths, weaknesses, and interests and grow to become a well-adjusted and productive adult. Through individual and small group counseling, students will enhance their listening and social skills, learn to empathize with others, and find social support through healthy peer relationships.


As girls navigate adolescence, they face the challenge of moving through physical, psychological, sexual, and emotional development with a healthy sense of self intact. A mentor at this stage in a girl’s life can have a broad impact on her successfully navigating the years to adulthood. A mentor-mentee relationship provides a protected space for the adult woman and the girl/young woman to connect through shared experiences. The mentor has the opportunity and privilege of offering feedback, teaching, affirmation, support, and guidance.


As appropriate, Manifestations School will provide a special education program to meet the unique needs of the student(s). A team composed of a general education teacher, the school’s Success Coach, and the parent will meet to determine accommodations and modifications to instruction and the regular classroom setting. A success plan, inclusive of goals and actionable steps, will be created for the student. Academic interventions, tutoring, counseling, extended time on tasks and assessments, and shortened assessments are among possible items that can be included in the Success Plan to help students be successful and achieve their goals.


Participating in extracurricular activities builds character, communication skills, relationships, and a sense of belonging, all of which help students to develop socially and be successful in school. Participation in extracurricular activities demonstrates the importance of community involvement. Manifestations School students can participate in the basketball team, step team, worship dance team, or performing arts team. Students meet after school and participate in competitions and/or perform at local or state-wide events.