Our Curriculum

The primary objective of Manifestations School for Innovation and Learning is to prepare students for success beyond high school by exposing them to research based curricula, supportive services, and career pathways that will allow them to be active participants in their development as productive citizens and lifelong learners. We are a 1:1 technology school which will allow every child to have their own learning device.

Our core curriculum is designed to provide all students with personalized instruction, empower students to develop a love for learning, and empower students to take full ownership of their learning. Students will enjoy hands-on learning activities through our STEM Laboratory. Students will apply their learning to real-world scenarios and community service projects.

Students will have an opportunity to engage in a curriculum comprised of a study of Scriptures from the Holy Bible and develop a personal relationship with God. The Bible is integrated into all instruction, daily activities, and programs. Effective Bible integration is essential in Christian worldview shaping. The Christian worldview is best expressed in the biblical story of Creation, Fall, and Redemption. Taking these three events as the lenses through which to look at education, we see that faith and learning are bound together and that the Christian faith must govern the educational experience.